Course will be open today, May 27th at 10:00am.

We are also excited to announce our kitchen will be open in 2024!

Course Overview

The Course


Par 70/73 | Yards 5980/5272

Hole 1 & 10

Hole #1 Par 3/4 | 233 yards

Hole #10 Par 3 | 215/182 yards

We start the men with a challenging long par 3 that features an elevated tee box and a creek to hit over. A well placed tee shot is needed here to have a chance at par or better. This par 4 for the ladies will also be a test with the creek off the tee, but a good drive sets up for a great birdie opportunity.

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Hole 2 & 11

Hole #2 Par 4 | 311 yards

Hole #11 Par 4 | 328 yards

This short par 4 has a dog leg left and gives two options if you are a big hitter. Cut the corner and go for the green in one, or hit iron to the middle of the fairway and have only wedge into the green. This is definitely a birdie hole so go get it!

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Hole 3 & 12

Hole #3 Par 4/5 | 419 yards

Hole #12 Par 4/5 | 424 yards

This long and tough par 4/5 will need a good drive placed on the middle/left side of the fairway to help avoid trees and rock to your right. A precise approach shot is needed with trees behind and to the right of the green. A sloped back to front green will give even the best putters a test.

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Hole 4 & 13

Hole #4 Par 4/3 | 330/112 yards

Hole #13 Par 4 | 311/257 yards

A shorter par 4/3 that provides excellent birdie opportunities for both the men and the ladies. With out of bounds behind the green and a large bunker in the front, an accurate approach shot is key.

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Hole 5 & 14

Hole #5 Par 5 | 526/416 yards

Hole #14 Par 5 | 539/416 yards

Our longest hole on the course is reachable for eagle but it comes with some risk. Out of bounds and trees line the fairway to the right, and with more trees and a large rock ridge on the left, you must weigh your options. Another back to front sloped green will not make your potential eagle putt easy.

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Hole 6 & 15

Hole #6 Par 3 | 159 yards

Hole #15 Par 3 | 191/123 yards

This beautiful and challenging par 3 is located on top of an elevated granite rock tee box, but don’t let the scenic view fool you. Winds and a large bunker on the right can gobble up tee shots making par a good score. The alternate tee box used for the 15th hole will have you hitting a blind tee shot over a large intimidating rock ridge.

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Hole 7 & 16

Hole #7 Par 4 | 366/264 yards

Hole #16 Par 4/5 | 404 yards

Another beautiful granite rock elevated tee box that gives you a birds eye view of a vast fairway and a good chance at birdie. A wayward tee shot can get you behind trees on the left and right side, but this is a birdie hole…just make sure to avoid the 2 greenside bunkers. Ladies, go get your birdie!

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Hole 8 & 17

Hole #8 Par 4 | 309 yards

Hole #17 Par 4 | 328 yards

A straightforward par 4 with trees lining both sides of the fairway. The challenge here is the small green that features a bunker to the left and a severely back to front slope.

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Hole 9 & 18

Hole #9 Par 4 | 282 yards

Hole #18 Par 4 | 305 yards

This dog leg left is a great finishing hole that gives the big hitters a chance of a lifetime – a Hole in One on a par 4! But it does come with some risk. Your tee shot will have to cut the corner, be high enough to miss huge mature trees, and also avoid the large water hazard and big greenside bunker. Out of bounds and trees to the right can also lead to a big number. Another back to front sloped green will challenge your eagle or birdie putt.

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